Output cc on a different channel

Good evening!

I would like to be able to route CC messages of the automations over another channel other than the one where I’m writing them.

With OS 2.0 the new Output FX seems to do exactly what I want but it also sends note messages, so I wonder if there is a way to filter the Output FX to only output CCs and not notes…or if there is another way to achieve what I need.

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Use an output effect in slot 1 and set it to the output you want the notes and cc to be sent to.

Then add a midi filter in slot 2 and filter out the notes. Then add an output effect in slot 3 and set it to the output you want the midi cc to go to only. Set the consume parameter to On to prevent double midi cc going anywhere.



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Thanks for the hint! I will try it out…

Basically I want to send notes in the current channel (let’s say 2) and moreover CCs but not notes to channel 1

Thanks @Maarten ! I finally tried out and it works like a charm!

Great to see Hapax effect helping me to solve a bug in the implementation of the LXR-02 :smiley:

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