OS 2.3 Bug Summary

Hi Guys,

who else has problems with OS 2.3…?

Maybe you could write them in this tread so we have a summary for our beloved Squarp staff. :slight_smile:

I have a gig coming soon and I’m quite desperate right now.
I am experiencing annoying bugs in 2.3 which kill my creative spirit.

I’m trying to build a whole concert in one project to keep things running for more then 60 min without reloading (stopping the sequencer)…so my project is pretty complex. I have many different pattern states per SEQ-Button.
I’m fighting with the pattern mode in conjunction with seq mode. The program changes mess up when used in patterns and load the wrong sounds from time to time…i’m not able to find out why. Maybe i do something wrong…but i tested it again and again and it keeps happenig. One problem I found , is that it only seems to load the PC but not the MSB command under certain circumstances. When i press the stop button 3 times it’s loading the right preset…most of the time, It’s so annoying…lots of the time I have for making music I waste searching for messed up pattern configurations.

Another big issue for me is that it’s no more possible to copy sequences in SEQ-Mode.
You always have the last sequence as a copy and it only stays at its place if you directly change something (add a track or similar) this is a big bummer.
What if i want to change the order of sequences, because i got an idea for a break and I want my sequences in a logical order. With big projects with many patterns in one track it’s totally fucked now. You have to change every Track/Pattern configuration by hand now. .
In the older OS you were able to copy a sequence and paste it…in 2.3 it’s only possible to delete a sequence…is it a mistake? To me this makes no sense at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone else having the same or other trouble with 2.3???

To report a bug, try to find the a replicatable steps, where others also can test and find the bug. If you have a project and you can clearly see something not working as it should, you could send Squarp the project file and describe what is going on. Right now I have I cannot comment on this as there is nothing to comment on. I have built complicated projects with patterns and program changes and have not had issues with that.

There has never been a “copy” sequence. http://squarp.net/modeseq#ancre04
When selecting an empty sequence, Pyramid will copy the previous mute states, so you can perform your live set without blanks!
This is how it has always worked.
What you are asking is not a bug, but a new feature.

Hope this helps :wink:

Are you sure this feature never existed? I remeber it that way… :thinking:
The guide was rewritten several times.

Even if it not existed…with patterns it makes absolutely sense to introduce this.
I know how to send a bug report in general, the problem is it’s not so easy to replicate that error because it does not happen all the time. This is why I asked if anyone else has the same problem with program changes. To find out if it is just my aproach in building projects which is the problem…or if it is bug related. Maybe it’s a synth related problem…i was thinking about this…for example with the dsi evolver you have to send a bank change order on CC 32 in addition to work. I have the problems with a virus b in multimode. Maybe the problem is there…anyway I could not find it for several days now. The pattern function in general seems somehow buggy to me at the moment.

Thanks anyway.