Organizing project files: Is it possible to create folders where you put projects?

Topic title says all.

no, not currently…

there’s no UI to create folders , or move projects etc.

I also tried to create a folder, and move exiting projects into them on my computer.
to see if Hapax, could identify sub folders (e.g. for loading purposes).
and it completely ignores them

for my usage, I wouldn’t care much about organising the projects on the Hapax,
as frankly, thats easy/quicker to do on a computer.

e.g. Im happy to save current projects in top level folder, then move when I want to organise)
but it would be nice if, load could navigate folders if they exist (and of course, save save back to the same location)

not been an issue so far to be honest, as I only tend to keep projects im working on it.

but given the on-the-fly loading functionality,
I could see in live performance, you might want a ‘set’ with multiple projects all in one folder, so they are easy to find during a performance.
(current, as a workaround , you can prefix project name - since list appears to be alphabetic)


does it alphabetize strictly by letter or do numerals get first priority, i.e., 001 Project A versus aaa - Project A?

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not tested, I’d assume it’s going to use ascii (like) sorting.

if so, that means whilst numbers ‘generally’ come first they don’t get special treatment.
so you get oddities
12 B
2 A

(so, you use 02 A , 12B)

its kind of like if you use dates in your projects names, its no good using

12Jan22 Project A
2Jan22 Project B

instead you use
220102 Project A
220112 Project B

but these kind of ‘file sorting’ oddities are (more than) decades old, so we all know how to get around them (use consistent naming conventions) , so its really a non-issue … you just find a way that works with the device you’re using :wink:


yeah, i don’t need to sub-sort alpha by title. just need to know that if i start with 001 (or some other consistent numerical convention), that’s always going to be top of the list and 002, 003, 004 etc. will flow down from that in order

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it is in ascii character sets, so yeah id assume it will :wink:
(and its on a fat filesystem)

id have to double check, since iirc, the pyramid (at some point?) wasn’t sorting the list, so it was kind of in order of modified project, due to the fat table.
so whilst, my projects appear to have been sorted when Ive looked, it could just be Ive been naming them sequentially… (and as it appeared ‘natural’… I didn’t really think… oh thats weird :wink: )

anyways, this is the kind of thing, that Id assume is easy to fix, if its not as users need.

I just don’t think, Squarp would want to start implementing any complex file operations… since its such a limited part of what the sequencer is… and so easy to do on a computer.

(unlike say a sampler, where you are continually having to move/orgnaise/rename just to stay sane ! )

Ok wow,

That is kind of a huge dealbreaker for me. I would have 30+++ projects already that could be transfered to Hapax.

I have a feature suggestion:

Ability to embed up to ~4 tags to project file.
Ability to filter projects by tag when browsing to load, or save.
Reset filters when browsing.
Filters would be reseted on power cycle at the latest.

please send feature suggestions via the contact form

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