One track: Velocity and Gate only?

Is this possible? For drums I would like to have one track output velocity on the CV out, and gate on Gate out.
From what I see, if I want velocity, I am forced to have CV for pitch also. Which in this case, I do not need, and it would take up twice the number of tracks.

Might there be a workaround?


no, not really …

only things you can do are:
a) use a note track, and use pitch as your velocity voltage
b) use a mod track, and use modulation for velocity voltage.

Ive used (a) before, but its not ideal.

I guess what we’d need is a ‘drum’ track, where its gate/velocity. I think it could look quite like a mod track, but with individual voltages. (as we would not need to see pitch in this case)

if you’d like to make suggestions/feature requests you can send them to squarp via ther contact form

Bummer. Using a mod track plus gate would be ok, if it was only for programming, but you lose the ability to live-record the drums, and get the proper velocity from each note.

Yeah, thats the main issue w/ both workarounds.
You can get around this if you use a midi translator ( eg bome, blokas midihub) … but not everyone has one.

The main advantage with using pitch, is you can use pitch midi fx to play with velocity which can be fun :slight_smile:

But yeah a drum mode would make things easier.

The Blokas Midihub is not out yet, is it?

It’s very close, manufacturing was delayed ( unsurprisingly) by covid19.

I’ve got a prototype, as helped them test it.
It’s a very useful to have around the studio, it’s surprising how often you want to tweak midi between devices.
( also acts as a useful intelligent router)

I’m still waiting for my Midihub! I hope it’ll help me solve some of the more esoteric issues I have.

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