Offset vs Quanitize

Hey friends,

I recorded midi input, which was not live, but from another sequencer. There was a tiny bit of midi latency, so all of the notes have a +4% offset. I suppose that’s how Pyramid places notes that are played naturally when you live record. So I enabled the Quantize effect on a 16th grid and didn’t think about it again, however how I’m realizing that quantize was actually overridden by note offsets. Today, I started changing note offsets on a track with quantize enabled, and the offsets were audible, much to my shock and confusion.

If that is the case, what is the point of quantize if I can’t use it on notes that have an offset? Please correct me if I am confused…

quantize is non-destructive on Pyramid. very useful! But if you want to permanently quantize your performance it is easy to do as well.

in STEP MODE, hold the REC button. this will select either the current note (poly editing) or all notes (mono editing). With all the notes selected, change the offset to 0 and your track will be permanently changed to the grid zoom resolution.

The quantizer is a MIDI EFFECT that does not change the “real position” of the notes in your performance. It is very useful for “live” production workflows when you don’t have time to edit midi notes.

I have found use for both types of quantization - depending on what kind of track I am working with. For drum tracks that I don’t typically create on the fly, I use offset and the method described above to make sure all notes are on the grid.


Hey, thanks for this Addison. I posted this on the facebook group as well, and after a bit of bantering, I came to this exact conclusion. What initially felt as a weird design/behavior, turned out to be a really flexible solution for both studio and live work. I was approaching it from the studio perspective and didn’t get it. Now I do. I did work out how to grid everything in bulk with holding REC and adjusting Offset, and that did the job, allowing me to then adjust specific offsets subsequently. Thanks for this great explanation.