Octatrack MIDI to Hermod

do you know if Hermod working good with Octatrack? thanks

Ive used it with the OT without issue…
what particularly are you interested in?

its a combo I quite like, since it allows me to sync the OT to what’s going on with the modular, so I can then record the audio on the OT, to achieve multi tracking.

modular + OT is just a great combo, and of course any midi 2 cv interface helps that integration :slight_smile:

so, do you use also the midi cc / lfo of octatrack with hermod cv output ?

the clock from octatrack working good?

Ive used CCs, but not really the lfo… though they will work the same as normal CCs, so no reason to have any issues.
(the harmod also has sync’d lfos, so I tend to use those… )

works for me :slight_smile:

I tend to clock the hermod from the OT, then the hermod can distribute that clock as cv elsewhere in the rack.

(though, you can also clock the OT from the hermod, if you prefer)

perfect! thanks

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