Octatrack controlled by a Pyramid Clarity


Disclaimer: I tried reading manuals, searched and has seen a few thing on this but I’m not clear, plus I’m not a musician or sound designer or engineer. More a visual Creator wishing to explore music.

I have OT, DT, DN, Pyramid, Tempest and RD8 with zoom L12 and Keystep. So I think I have enough gear. Just not enough idea just yet. Working on it.

All I’m wanting to work with just for now, to see how it functions, is the Pyramid controlling the OT. And not just transport.


How do to control parameter locks From the pyramid. I heard it’s CC’s? I’ve not used CC’s on Pyramid I don’t think. I told you I had no idea. Through midi I guess? I’ve got my head around most of the basics which I won’t bore you with.

It’s just I like how creative the OT is and I couldn’t work out something i read as to how the a Pyramid can use CC’s to parameter lock. It’s not making sense in my brain. As the parameter locks are with the steps on the sequencer on OT. I’m so confused I don’t even know what I’m searching for to find the answers anymore.

If any OT users would be happy to help a mentally challenged Artist I would be so grateful.

Please be patient with me as I have general knowledge of the gear just don’t know the language to well just yet.

I want to be able to mangle the samples (I don’t like the word mangle but that seems to be the term) I make and sequence them in Pyramid. Can I sequence slots slices and track. I managed the sequence the tracks to different midi channels. Can you sequence individual slot samples and mangle them multiple times?

Ok I also have other things I don’t get. That aside for now. I guess the easiest way would be to have a simple explanation as to how I use the Pyramid with OT and what features do I loose from the OT when Using the Pyramid.

I know it can be used by the transport. But for this instance I want to not do that.

Ok I’m gonna stop there as I’m confusing myself writing and explaining and I want it to be clear.

If anyone could please give even just a direction. And please don’t say read the friendly Manuel. I’m an empath and computers aren’t.

Thanks. :pray::+1:

I’ve got an Analog Rytm, and as far as I’m aware, you’re unable to control any of the internal sequencer (including parameter locks) from an external source, you’d have to use the internal sequencer.

However, you can duplicate the functions of the parameter locks by sending CC messages to the correct MIDI channels from the Pyramid. In the manual (sorry) for your Octatrack, there will be a appendix for MIDI (Rytm’s is Appendix C) which will list the CC numbers for each parameter you can control.

On your Pyramid, in Step mode, hold the Step button and rotate the main encoder towards the right until the screen says CC Messages. The big number underneath that is the CC number. Match that with the number of the parameter you which to control (checking the correct MIDI channel) and then you can edit the values in a similar way to doing notes in Step mode. I’m afraid I’m going to point you at the manual again, but this is the section you need, and hopefully it’ll make more sense with the above information:

(I’m aware that I’ve not answered all of your questions, but hopefully this will get you going)


The Octatrack is a little unusual when it comes to MIDI support, but it does have a lot of features. They’re all laid out in the manual, but basically there are three things going on.

First, you have a number of parameters that are controlled by MIDI notes, such as playback stop/start, active track, and also recording - so you can use the Pyramid to trigger sampling and resampling, which could very powerful in combination with Euclidean sequences, for example. You can also transpose the current track sample here, starting at C5 over two octaves.

Then you have a set of CC mappings for the audio tracks, most of which apply only to the track in question. Here for example you can control LFO, amp, FX etc. settings for the current track - this is where most of your mangling is likely to happen. You can also mute and solo MIDI tracks from this ‘area’.

Finally you have a similar set of mappings for MIDI mode - mute, solo, change the external CC params you’ve set up on the OT and so on. You’ll only need this if you’re using the OT to control external gear.

Broadly speaking, you’d use the keyboard messages to affect the sequencer, and CC messages to affect the tracks - but definitely check the MIDI reference in the manual to see what can be done. It’s certainly possible to use the Pyramid to give the OT a boost in certain MIDI areas.

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Just a brief note.

So kind to have 2 responses here. I also had a private message. Most grateful. Wow. Blown away by kindness.

Ok. I’m not gonna rush instantly a try these pointers as it’s hot, the windows are open and very quite here. I’m not a fan of headphones all the time. I like to feel the frequencies go through my body not just my head. Plus I’m no expert but find the space helps. The 3 or 4 Dimensions. Who knows. It don’t matter. It it sounds right in my ears I’m ok with that. I’m never gonna produce a master piece. I so love how abstract music is. More so than painting. If i could make to two I’d be a happy bunny.

So I’m digging into some Radiohead. It’s like I’d never heard them. Thom Yorke is and out and out genius with sound/music. Head blown. I would even go as far as saying he is more tuned in than most Visual Artists I know of. He is doing a concert this weekend I think. No need to answer, I will find out.

Back on subject.

Oops. Not so short note. Excuse that.

Great community.

Thank a tonne and some. I have direction now.

So this info is grand. I didn’t even realise there was a bigger manual. I was going on what came in the box. What a dum ass. If only I had a brain.

No need for more replies just now. I have plent time to do it step by step slowly. This thread might pop alive in a month week or year.

Thanks @Nick @loz and the other PM. He will know who he is. In those three messages I think I should get somewhere. Excited to see how it goes. I imagine I’ll go off on a tangent when I find something the pulls me in.

Oh Jeezzzzz here I go again…

I got the Pyramid just after Christmas. When I got the OT I was like HOLY Molly. If I’d had one of these is the year 2000 I might not have become a painter. Only it wasn’t around then. I tried out an EMU - 5000 Ultra. Mad box that was. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing with it but some crazy dope sounds came out of it. Still got it as I saved up for months to get that. Doubt it will ever leave me now. I still don’t know how to use it fully. UI is proper illogical. Is was to me. I don’t think there were forums and stuff back then. I watched some a while back and I was like. Nope. I won’t mess my head up on that just yet. Maybe in 10 years from now.

Final point, gave to eat.
The pyramid Is the sexiest unit I’ve used followed by the OT. The shallow side if me. Or the visual part of me. Either way I’ll finish on this.

From my little knowledge of the hardware I have the OT is my fav.

I was going to sell the Pyramid. Really didn’t want to and I’m glad I kept it.

Stay tight all and be safe and creative.

This crap that is going on will soon pass. A few months I hope Max. The World is more important and the bursts seem happier by me.

Nature is the Governor. Respect the Giv and make a change. The revolution is that bugger virus yet much good comes from much bad. Visa versa .

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