Observations, MIDI config

first the good stuff

great to see the active dev & bug fixing

mostly been using HAPAX as a MIDI/CV hub
so laptop to HAPAX via USB device connection

  • faderfox UC4 via MIDI A port,
  • keystep (powered via Hapax) via MIDI HOST
  • going out to multiple midi ports - digitone, fx, bluebox
  • taking midi cc values out to modular

getting sorted MIDI etc setup can be a pain & currently Hapax doesn’t appear to save MIDI thru settings, it would be good if this was either saved with projects or to be able to save seperate config files.

MIDI monitor - its great that Hapax offers this but I would like this to do more, I’d like to see just one column of data but to also show where data is coming from and where it is going as currently if I am thru’ing MIDI from DEVICE to several MIDI ports then I see the duplicates on the out screen but its not clear where its going & not clear if going to the same place twice

keep up the good work…