OB6 Program Change via pyramid

Hey there, I just figured out how to send PC messages with tracks on my pryamid and it works super well for my minilogue. However because DSI is insane they used nprn messages for the ob6 changes and I cant for the life of me figure out the steps i need to do to program patch changes for that device. Any help for how to parse their manual and translate that into the 0-127 values?

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As far as I know, Pyramid won’t be able to send out NRPN.

Except the manual states that PgmChg is in format:
1100 nnnn 0ppppppp

Which translates to 0xCn {Pgm#}
where: n=MIDI Channel the device is receiving and {Pgm#} is the PC for 0-99 (1-100) for the current bank…so…that’s the same as a standard MIDI PgmChg msg…wot?

Is the OB6 not receiving Program Changes as expected?

I have a Prophet 12 which has similar stuff in the manual and I just send regular program changes to it all the time from the Pyramid.

Sorry for my ignorance.
I usually avoid NRPN stuff when I have the opportunity.


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so NRPN are implemented using CC messages, so whilst the pyramid does not support NRPN, you can still send them ‘manually’ - albeit its a bit of a faff.


theres a youtube video where someone shows this on a pyramid

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Hi I’m new to Pyramid too and this is what works for me with a Prophet 6 in NRPN send/receive mode. Should work the same for the OB6.

PyraOS V4.01

Press 2ND + TRACK to enter the track options display.

Now use LSB (encoder 3) to change banks (0-9), and PC (encoder 1) to select a patch (0-99).

Hope that helps!

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