Nudging pattern?

How do i nudge the entire pattern to the left (or right). Let’s say my bassline start is on step 3 instead of 1 because i didn’t time it correctly in Live mode.

Many thanks!

Record + < or >.

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I think it is 2nd + < or >

I was just thinking of this today - Will notes wrap around, from front to end, and vice versa, if we keep nudging, or will they disappear? I looked in the documentation and found nothing? It would be great if they wrapped around…

Oh yeh. Sorry.

Yes, @lloydcole the notes would be wrapped around.

Rec + < or > would also work in Mono Editing mode.
In Poly mode, only the selected note will move.

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you can also select a group of notes, and only nudge those (which I thought was pretty cool!)


I’m only sticking with Pyramid because I saw you use it :wink:
The learning curve is really tough for me as the manual leaves much to be desired (at least for the way my brain works).

Thanks all.