Nudge a Relatched track

I know I can move track events back and forth with 2nd + < | >. But can this be done non destructively, only while the track is playing?

Basically exactly as nudgeing the bpm with “2nd + BPM + Trackpad”, but on a track by track level?

no changes to tracks are all ‘destructive’

you have two options for this:
a) use undo
but of course this has limitations, if you start doing other actions.
b) use delay fx
use mix to choose between unaffected notes, and delayed.

I’d generally recommend reading the manual once you have the basics understood.
and then you need to think ‘creatively’ how to use what is there.

all sequencers are different, all have different workflow and features…
trying to transfer something you know on one to another, tends to lead to frustration.

btw: not quite sure of the relevance of it being relatched or not.

Thanks again for coming up with solutions for my specific needs!

I’ll have to test your suggestions and see how it goes.
The other sequencer I’m comparing too can not nudge tracks independently either, as an implemented feature. Not sure what, if any, hardware sequencer has that function tbh… Unfortunately…

yeah, Im not sure a temporary nudge of tracks is going to be common request :wink:

but, hey… when the tools we have dont have ‘that’ feature, thats a good opportunity to let creativity take a lead… and think about things differently…

I view these things as a challange, which is why I make suggestions here… of course, my suggestions may not necessarly work for you since, I don’t have know musical intent behind what you’re trying to do… and its that intent, that really should shape the ‘solution’ and what workarounds can work… but hope it can spark some ideas that will work for you.

I simply want to trigger and loop my tracks freely and unsynced from another, and nudge them even more or less in/out of sync from another to find happy accidents :wink:

but most sequencers are designed to sequence events (hint in the name :wink: ) and to keep them in sync…
if your just look for happy accidents why do you need it to be non-destructive? you can just rotate the patterns… also delays will do allow you to shift the notes…

cant say I really understand the problem… but as a I said, creativity starts where our tools stop.
… feedback from guitars was not a feature, it was muscians getting creative with what they had :wink:

Not sure I can explain what I’m visioning since it is a work in progress.
I’m just trying to find a workflow where I can be free to explore in a live setting, but also be able to perform it similarly the next time I do it. I want to be able to morph the music live and to return to something more predictable/starting point when I need to.

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