NTS-1 Blues (or of course it's the wrong cable)

So, I finally got my korg NTS-1, built it, and plugged it all in… and of course… the midi to trs cable I bought from amazon isn’t the type I need… I go to reputable dealers to find the actual cable… and both sources are out of stock… It kind of feels like the universe is telling me to hook up the soldering station I’ve never used and swap the wires so I don’t have to go through reaper to use it with my Pyramid… Isn’t that just the way things usually go? Anyway… I totally recommend this kit to anybody who might be on the fence… It sounds amazing and I haven’t even plugged in my headphones yet.


It’s a fun little machine, I especially like the FM oscillator. I wish there was better organization and documentation of the downloadable oscillators and effects. I’ve played with a lot of them and have always just ended up removing them and going back to a factory reset.

If you think it sounds ok through that tiny speaker, you’ll be pretty happy with how it sounds overall lol. It’s solid on bass duty.

Nice! good to know. I actually bought it for upper melody as the next synth purchase I get is going to be a monologue.

I literally bought this just for the reverb algorithms.

But the oscillators are good, too.

The Korg cable thing is stupid annoying, though. Fortunately I had one from my SQ-1, but everything else I have is the other type.

Nice, I’ve been wondering about the NTS-1, good to hear you’re enjoying. The price plus the “build it yourself” angle make it pretty intriguing.

So, I’m sure people were already aware… but the Critter and Guitari version works… Got it all hooked up and its merrily blooping along with direction from the Pyramid.

Korg are using the standard MIDI TRS Type A connection, while some manufacturers chose Type B connection before A became the official standard.

Here’s a website that references a lot of devices and their TRS implementation.


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