Notes hanging all the time!

Hi, I’m having trouble using my Arturia Keystep with my Pyramid. Connected via a USB hub to my Pyramid, but this was happening when connected via midi too. When the Pyramid is playing, and I hit a note, too often I am getting stuck notes, and I’m left hanging! When the Pyramid is not playing then this problem disappears. This can happen with any of my 3 synth modules or even an iOS synth. As if the note off message isn’t getting through? :thinking: I run a very small setup, but this is really frustrating. I’ve got my midi setup sorted, almost, after some trial and error. Track is Mode Free. And I’ve hunted down midi loops etc. I have no other keyboard to control or test onAny suggestions are very gratefully received!

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think connecting the Keystep via a simple USB hub will work - you don’t have a USB host in the setup - the Pyramid doesn’t have host functionality, and a keyboard would need either direct midi, or a host (PC or otherwise, I use a raspberry pi) to route the midi information.

Are you using the DIN midi in port on the Pyramid for anything in particular? Can you try the Keystep via the Din connector, if only to see if the problem occurs due to the USB specifically?

e: I see you said it happens when connected via midi as well. Sorry.

I should have mentioned that I use my iPad as the USB host connected via a usb hub to my pyramid, and a midi through box on the outward path to my synths. Perhaps I will look into the hub and its performance. I will try the midi din directly connected test. Cheers.

Did you find a solution to this yet?

I encountered the same problem.
I get stuck notes when I use other devices as input (Arturia Keystep or Beatstep).

  • I receive from the MIDI IN and send through MIDI A directly to a synth.
  • the MIDI ECHO setting is set to MIDI A.
  • It happens when I play notes fast!

I wish this could be fixed somehow. I get lots of hanging notes with my Digitone, direct midi connection. And sometimes other synths. Not a good thing. :grimacing:

Unintended MIDI OUT+THRU setting + MIDI ECHO can cause artifacts like double notes and presumably hanging notes too as timing gets cooky. Just something to check.