Note Repeat doesn't work anymore

Hi everyone,
I’m running into a little issue here with Note Repeat feature of the Live mode. It stopped working! When I hold a note and press one of the smart pads in repeat mode, nothing happens… I think that occurred when I update to the 3.2 firmware version I can’t really be sure (I don’t use repeat notes that often).

Has anyone else encountered this problem ?


Just a thought here, make sure you’re not in Hold or Relatch mode (

If you are, switch to normal mode by pressing 2nd and Play (one time if you are in Relatch mode, twice if you are in Hold mode).

Thanks for the advice. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong but it’s working again.

Weird, there is one synth the note repeat isn’t working with… works fine with my DX7 but not with my JP-08. Both are hooked up via MIDI din cables, each on his own channel. Neither Hold or relatch mode are activated on any of the tracks, as single play well in Live mode. I’m sure the answer lies somewhere under my nose, but so far it’s eluding me. I’m sure I’ll get it, eventually…