Note Off messages

Hi all
Noticed some odd behaviour when the Pyramid receives multiple note off messages.
Came to light when using Harmony Bloom VST, notes were getting cut short while passing through.
Turns out that it sends notes like:- note off > note on (duration in secs) > note off.
I guess this is done to stop hanging notes.
Pyramid takes the first note off message and uses that to immediately kill the note on message.
Looking at the midi output it removes the 2nd note off which is the one it should be acting on. Not the first.
I know its a bit unusual to send a note message like this but surely it should do just nothing. I have an Akai Force here and for all its midi bugs it behaves itself with this one.
Sometimes it works as expected intermittently so there’s obviously some coding weirdness that didn’t take this scenario into account.
Same behaviour using 5 pin or USB.
Anyone else come across this? There’s not really a work around i can think of using it directly.