Note learn with a keyboard in step mode


Don’t understand, it seems very easy from the manual but does not seem to work.

I’ve got a midi keyboard controlling a track.

I can play the track fine but in step mode, it does not change the value of the note. I don’t manage to set the current note with my external keyboard.

Any clue ? Something in my settings ?

Thanks !

make sure in MIDI IN SETTINGS you have set ASSIGN NOTE TO value to “KEYPAD”

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Thank you. yes it is assigned to “keypad”.

It seems to be a bug.

In step mode, when I play on the keypad (while holding the main encoder) I can see the NOTE information on the screen change accordingly.

But when I play those same notes with my midi controller, even if I can hear them, even if I can record them in live mode, in step mode they don’t appear on the screen, and they don’t influence the value of the steps.

I reread the part of the manual talking about it, rewatch the loopop tutorial, I don’t see what I’m doing wrong.

Pyraos is up to date (3.23).

Is “Learn notes” enabled in misc settings?

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Yes, it is set to:

And I realised it has the same behaviour in Live mode:

  • I can play live mode with my external midi controller
  • but if I want to program a custom smartpad, I can with the keypad, but not with my external midi controller.

Arrggghhhh I found it.

You cannot enter note for custom chords in LIVE MODE or to set note value in STEP MODE in MIDI IN “MULTITRACKS”. You have to be either in “OMNI”, or in “ONLY CHx”.

This has to be a bug ! Otherwise multitrack is not usable (and I have to say I already find it very limited without the ability to choose MIDI IN channel per track).

I’m going to do a bug report.

Ok, I thought I got crazy because now it’s working, but I found the faulty parameter.

This only works with MULTITRACKS if you set it to BANK A. I’ve tried it with bank B and C and it does not work.

So indeed it is a bug.

I see the 4.0 beta has a fix for this

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