Note Allocation Issue in 4 Voice Poly Layout

It seems that voice allocation is messed up in a 4 voice polyphonic layout. See attached video: first, I play some 4 note chords - all good. Then I play single notes, and the notes are completely off.
I have firmware 1.03. After switching on, all I did was select a 4voices poly layout and then played. The keyboard was a Yamaha digital piano connected via USB. If I switch to a 1 voice mono layout, everything is fine. See video below for an illustration of the issue.

Hermod by Squarp - 4 Voice Poly Mode Not Working from Andreas Steiner Modular on Vimeo.

…I solved the issue myself: when playing single notes in a poly mode with more than 1 voice, Hermod cycles through the voices. This requires consistent patching of gates and CVs. One cable was wrong with the result that the VCO triggered by the gate did not receive the CV value it should have.
All good with Hermod.

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