"Not Assigned" Pop up when accessing Euclidean parameters

Hi all.

I’ve noticed that occasionally when I’m using the encoders to change the parameters for a euclidean sequence that they become inactive. When turned a pop says “Not Assigned”.

After a restart they’re back to normal.

I’m very new to the machine so could be missing something.

Anyone know what I’m talking about and how I can fix it?


Duh… o.k sorry the assign button… (embarrassed emoji)

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The Pyramid is intuitive, easy to use, and confusing.


I think that when we are in the euclid mode we don’t want to control the assignable encoders but rather the parameters of the Euclidean sequencer
(and probably, same thing for all sub-modes of the STEP mode I guess…)
so the best way is to change this option in the settings / MISC

To enable STEP EDIT (in STEP MODE) by default

(and you still can press on the assign button at any time to have access to the CC assignations)