Not all pads are equal on timing?

I was making a drumtrack with my novation Drumstation and noticed that my snare had more bass to it when played from a different pad on Pyramid. I started to investigate and made a simple test.

Pyramid is playing kick and snare on Drumstation on same midi channel. I had identical snare tracks on pads 03 and 11 and identical kick tracks on pads 04 and 12. When I have pads 04 and 11 playing on the same time, the snare has more bass to it. On other pad combinations there’s no noticeable difference. I found out that it happens because of timing or “offset” in terms of Pyramid, since changing offset on snare has the same effect on it’s bass sound when played together with the kick.

When you play the snare tracks without kick you can’t hear the difference since there’s no interference with the kicks low end. But with kick the difference is very noticeable. Here’s a video where you can see it and a pic from the recording and also a zoomed out pic on the timing difference when playing the snare only from different pads. I tried different pad combinations and it seems the difference is somewhat related to whether the track is played from upper or lower row?


Has anyone noticed similar issues?