Nord Lead 4 Definition File

16:Voice Mode Unison
118:Pitch Bend Range
56:Vib Select
5:Glide Rate
15:Mono Selector
54:Hold Enable
112:Chord Enable
17:Octave Shift
70:Impulse Morph Buttons
19:LFO 1 Rate
20:LFO 1 Waveform
21:LFO 1 Destination
22:LFO 1 Amount
2:LFO 1 Mst Clk
3:LFO 1 Clk Divisions
83:LFO 1 KBS
59:LFO 1 Impsync
91:LFO1/Arp On/Off
9:Arp Tempo
86:Arp Mst Clk
87:Arp Clk Division
89:Arp Direction
90:Arp Run
88:Arp Range
92:Arp KBS
93:Arp Impsync
23:LFO 2 Rate
85:LFO 2 Waveform
24:LFO 2 Destination
25:LFO 2 Amount
18:LFO 2 Mst Clk
14:LFO 2 Clk Divisions
12:LFO 2 KBS
13:LFO 2 Impsync
26:Mod Env Attack
27:Mod Env Decay
28:Mod Env Destination
29:Mod Env Amount
109:Mod Env Rel Mode
6:Mod Env Impsync
30:Osc 1 Waveform
49:Osc 1 Wavetable Selection
31:Osc 2 Waveform
78:Osc 2 Semi Tones
33:Osc 2 Fine Tune
34:Osc 2 KBT
61:Osc 2 Noise Res
62:Osc 2 Noise Freq
63:Osc 2 Noise KBT
69:Osc Mod Amount
105:Osc Mod Select
8:Osx Mix
73:Amp Env Attack
36:Amp Env Decay
37:Amp Env Sustain
72:Amp Env Release
35:Amp Velocity
38:Filt Env Attack
39:Filt Env Decay
40:Filt Env Sustain
41:Filt Env Release
46:Filt Keyb Tracking
44:Filter Type
45:Filt Velocity
74:Filter Frequency
42:Filter Resonance
47:Filter Drive
43:Filter Envelope Amount
71:Output Level
53:FX Selection
52:FX On/Off
55:FX Amount
77:Delay Tempo
57:Delay Clk Division
79:Delay Feedback
76:Delay/Reverb Amount
51:Delay Mst Clk
50:Delay / Reverb selection
94:Reverb Bright
96:Reverb Model
97:Delay/Reverb On Off
117:Pattern selection
119:Slot Focus
115:Slot Enable
7:Volume Pedal (if set in System menu)
11:Ctrl Pedal (if set in System menu)
1:Mod Wheel
64:Sustain Pedal
0:Bank Select MSB
32:Bank Select LSB

You will not find this definition file to be as helpful as it could be, because the Pyramid truncates the displayed labels to the first 8 characters; for these labels, all you will see is "MOD ENV ". The same problem will occur with several other of your labels.

Thank you for your feedback. I am aware of that but I didn’t want to modify the labels for other people. I am using a personalized 8 char version for myself. It is hard to adopt them as one might recognize the label.