Noob SEQ pattern issues

Hello, my Pyramid intermittently cuts off the end of patterns and then plays the middle half of the next pattern.

For example, I have a drum track with six variations, one is a simple hi hat playing eighth notes for four bars. When I play just the track, it does it correctly. When I play it in the SEQ chain three quarters of the way through the song as a breakdown, the last cymbal hit doesn’t sound and it switches to the middle of the next pattern.

Further, it will play correctly perhaps one out of ten times and then go back to playing it the wrong way. What am I missing here?

Did you set your tracks to relatch mode? See this: (go to Track run mode)

You need to use relatch if you want consistent behavior with sequences. The default run mode is “free”, which is very confusing.

You can also set the default track run mode to relatch in settings: (the option is called “DEFAULT TRACK”)


I love you! Thanks. I’m trying to do a video right now for my drummer and bassist and now I can move forward.

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