Noob question about Arpeggiator

Noob here, just got Hermod+ so far it’s pretty intuitive, but I can’t seem to get the Arpeggiator to work with the step sequencer, am I missing something?

Or is the Arp really just for use with a Midi Controller?

And a broader question, is Hermod+ really geared to be used with a Midi controller? I don’t have one, I have an AnalogRytm MK2, Metropolix, and Varigate4+ I’m wondering if all the features are stand-alone or do you need a controller. insights appreciated, thanks!

An external midi controller is totally optional. With the original hermod I found that a midi controller was the best way to use it for me at least. But I also just got the new hermod+ today and it seems to be way more conducive to editing because of the bigger screen and way nicer step buttons. The step buttons are actually sooo nice to slide across, so probably going to be using this way more without a controller than the original. But time will tell!

As for the arp question, arp works great with the step sequencer, you just need to make sure that your notes have long enough note lengths. WIth shorter notes it doesn’t give the arp time to play the next note before disabling it when no notes are actively playing. Depends on your arp speed also in relation to your note lengths.

Also speaking of the arpeggiator…the new humanize parameter is really awesome!

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This worked and was def my issue, user error, thanks for helping me out!


If you just want something cheap and small for entering Midi notes, just pick up something like a Korg Nanokey 2 for inputting midi notes using the USB port of the Hermod+ , Quick and easy solution.

Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the feedback, My prevailing issue is that I just don’t want an external controller, I don’t have the table space for it. My secondary issue is that fundamentally I disagree with launching the product without a ‘live keyboard mode’ I don’t think a step grid is worth the real estate if you can’t enter notes, I have already sold my Hermod+ because shipping back to France was cost prohibitive. Is all good, I still have Rample and Love it!