Non-Linear Approaches: Do you?

I assume everyone else is doing non-linear music with the Pyramid, or it’s extremely niche. It’s amazing how they’ve built in Free Mode and Mute Probablity Master Effect that lend themselves to non-linear music so brilliantly, so I just assume everyone else does and I’m just late to the party.

I have my control system for performing that categorizes the elements and conditions for the user (Groups, Layers, meta-controls, etc), but I’m in a hole trying to approach my melody/harmonies - probably because like everything else I never finished studying theory & harmony. (Note: I’d get sidetracked creating algorithms to write my projects, so there’s that)

So: do you do non-linear music with the Pyramid?
Do you create on the Pyramid or use a DAW and then import/record?
Do you create multiple Tracks that can be layered, or do you create exclusive Tracks?
Or do you base everything on Chance FX/Mute Probability and then modulate from there?
Or better yet: what techniques am I missing that you would like to share?

I may be using the terms incorrectly.
I’m mostly trying to do what’s in my head and finding real word terms that might apply. For me, a ‘song’ isn’t something I can just press [Play], but incorporates arranging and modulation techniques. I can blahblahblah, but I can’t demo an example until I have some decent harmonic content and I’m failing at writing it. Sorry.



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