Non functioning BPM button

Have spent a good half hour in frustration today trying to get a tempo change happening for a new piece that I’m writing… followed the manual by holding the 2nd button and then the BPM button and started to turn the main dial… Lifted off the 2nd button… And nothing… No change. This is right in terms of the process…yeah?.. Everywhere I look the same method is mentioned but I can’t get it work… Please advise

Do you have a BPM Effect on a Track?
That would exhibit the behaviour youre describing

Sorry, how would I know this is the case?

If youve put the BPM MIDI Effect on a Track

If you dont use MIDI Fx, then that isnt what is happening. Apologies.

I don’t think I’ve actively done that… I’ll check

No BPM effects in place… Wondering if I should reset the unit to factory…

Ok, so I thought I would update the OS to 3.23 to see if that helped… And it did. All good now…

One thing that the upgrade did do was wipe out my stored projects… Thankfully as a new user, I only had three and can restore them but is it common to lose all data after a system upgrade?

Ive done several OS updates and none have “wiped out” my projects.

All mine are backed up on my laptop, tho.

If you put the SD card in a computer, do you see the project files?

Yes they are there… Weird… When I first did the upgrade, checked on my mac and couldn’t see the files… Now available. I know I’m going senile but at at least I’m not going senile :no_mouth:

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Senility is nothing
Step over to my house to get the joy of early stages of dementia!

Okay, if the files are visible on computer, but not when you Load on Pyramid, you can try stuff like verifying the folder structure is correct, backup/format/copy files to the card, etc.

But you mentioned it was not a big loss, so it might just be easier to chalk it up to a, “okay, hrmmm…” and restart fresh.