Non conventional time signature display

Hi !

I’m on the edge of buying the pyramid because I’m frustrated with the sequencers I’ve got with non 4/4 time signatures.

I know pyramid is very good with polyrythmic but my question is more about ergonomy and how it is displayed on the machine.

I’m composing often in 3/4, 9/8 and 12/8. Also I’m using quite long sequences, so often 64 steps is really too short for laying down the harmony.

For example, in a waltz I need 12 beats of 16th note each and AT LEAST 4 bars :
12 beats x 4 (16th notes) x 4 bars = 192 steps
How are layed those steps on the display and on the pads ?

Ideally I would have 12 beats on a page, where I could zoom to see my four 16th notes per beat, and I would have 4 pages of 12 beats (to have room to lay down theme and harmony).

Each beginning of bar should appears on the first pad, not on the thirteenth for example …

But is it the way it works ?

Also when you do 12/8 signature, can you put the beat every 3 steps ?

For example with elektron machines if I want to do 12/8 at 120bpm, and to have my beat every three sixteen notes (like in irish jig or african music, etc …), because electron does not know how to do, I have to do 120 x 3 /4 = 160bpm. But my real pulsation is at 120. It makes me mad !!!

Is the pyramid an answer to all my headaches ? Will it bring a solution to these points ?

Thank you very much for your help !


I think Pyramid will do most of what you want, except for the note display. When working with a non 4/4 time signature, Pyramid does NOT display each bar on its own page, but lays out bars sequentially (i.e. in 3/4, the ‘one’ of the second bar will be on pad 12 at default zoom level). Maybe Squarp Instruments could make that an option in a future update since a lot of people want this feature.

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Oh so sorry to hear that.

Do you know if there is a way to do feature requests ? I really think it will be a really huge improvement over other sequencers. At least for me :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Send requests to

I believe it has been asked multiple times though, I definitely requested it and think others have too, but it still might be worth bumping it along :wink: