Noise issue when connected to modular


Hi, i sent my Pyramid to squarp becuse my cv tuning was off, after i got it back i have this noise thing going on as you can se i this video:

the noise is there even if i don’t connect any other patch cables other than squarp cv out and audio out to the modular.

Im also gonna email squarp but if anyone here has any tips im very gratefull



Seems like a grounding issue with your euro PSU or maybe earth hum from your house.


Ye but this never happened before, been playing with it a couple of weeks before squarp took it back to fix the cv tuning and then it appeared. i been trying to use different power outlets for the squarp etc. but nothing is working :frowning:


Wow, this is a bummer.

I use the Pyramid CV/Gate and ENV every day with my eurorack modular and have never experienced anything like that. I’m so sorry, what a hassle.

It sounds to me like bona fide ground looping.

Is the power supply going into a surge protected outlet?
Is it on the same outlet as the modular?
Is the modular grounded?
Do you have another CV/Gate device you can try the pyramid outs on? Does it happen there too?
Do you have another sequencer or VC source (like an SQ-1 or something else) to make sure it’s not the modular case?

I would try to get the modular and the pyramid onto the same circuit, and be sure that everything connected is grounded, and there is no larger appliance in the chain - fluorescent lights, a computer, etc.

Try to connect the pyramid to a power strip, and the modular to the same strip, and then be sure that strip is plugged into a clean circuit with nothing else connected.
Strip everything back to a bare minimum to have as few possible sources as possible to eliminate potential problems until you can see if it’s the power, the modular’s power/case/ground or the pyramid.

If it’s not the power, and it’s not the case, then something’s gone wrong in the pyramid and it needed to be repaired or replaced.

What a bummer. I’m so sorry.


My pyramid has the same problem.
My pyramid was powered by a usb hub
Try power to the straight from the outlet, I took a fork from the iphone


Hi, I have this problem also. What fixed it for you?



First post here so apologies if it’s wrong to post to such an old thread of if the answer is already out.

I have the same problem, when connecting CV to my Moog DFAM.

An additional peculiarity is the more steps I enter (not actually running) the louder the hum gets.

Tecden commented that, as mine also is, had his pyramid powered by a USB hub so used a fork, I’m understanding this as a splitter for power supply into Pyramid while still maintaining USB connectivity.

Is it ok to do this? my head is telling me I would be feeding 5 volts into my USB Hub on a port I maybe shouldn’t.

First experience with using CV so all new to me anyway.