No Tracks 2 and 4 on Custom Samples

I haven’t done much with samples, so excuse me if I’m missing something obvious here. I’ve been trying to upload some custom samples onto my Rample that have 4 parts. 1 for each track. When I go to play the rample, track 2 and 4 seem to be missing. Even the display rather than being broken into 4 parts only shows 2 big bars that respond to track 1 and 3. When I put a gate into 2 or 4 nothing happens. All of the other pre-uploaded folders still have 4 tracks and so do the first set of samples I uploaded.

Am I missing something super obvious? I’ve checked the naming conventions a couple times.

The behaviour you describe sounds to me like the samples are stereo. Stereo samples use 2 SP each


That’s it! Just as obvious as I expected. Thank you!