No Midi output in live mode

Hi! I have a situation that I can’t quite sort out.

If CLOCK SOURCE is not set to internal, on some track I got no MIDI output in LIVE mode. If I press 2nd + LIVE (MIDI monitor mode) I can’t see any MIDI message at all. It affects only some tracks, which makes me think it’s related to a track parameter.

If I record a sequence in STEP mode and start the sequence on one of the problematic tracks, it plays. No issues. Only LIVE mode is affected.

I’m probably missing something, but I can’t figure out what it is and why it’s only affecting certain tracks.

Any help would be welcome.


Does it happen in a new empty project? If so, can you describe the steps to reproduce?

Yes it happens on new empty projects as well.
I’ve found the parameter that plays the major part in this behavior: an active arp/euclid FX. That’s why only certain tracks behaved this way.

To sum up, here are the 3 steps to reproduce:

  • No clock signal is being send (i.e master clock device is paused)
  • FX Arp or Euclid is active on the track

With this configuration, LIVE mode outputs no MIDI messages.

Maybe it’s to be expected. Maybe this two FXs need a clock signal to output midi. But then it’s still odd to me that when the clock source is set on INT, MIDI messages are send.

Yes I think these fx need a clock.

I hope Squarp will add an auto clock source feature, so it will sync to any clock it receives, but when it doesn’t, it will use its internal clock. Then this wouldn’t be a problem either.

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