No CC per step?

Hi I use the BeatBuddy for drums, this is a drumbeat-pedal with extensive midi support. Momentarily I am learning how to trigger the drum parts via midi CC from the Hapax. I found a clumsy way with automation that does the job reasonably well, but I wonder why there is no way to set a CC# + value directly at the step. Am I overlooking something? I something like this planned?

I think the only way to do this is using the automation lanes. Turn off interpolation to set a fixed value at a certain step.

Would it help if you where able to see the notes while in automation view? (That would be nice I think)

Or do you want to add automation while in step mode? (That would be great!)

Or do you want to send the same midi cc value repeatedly? (This might be a bit tricky to do without sending a different cc value in between - not sure though).

I think some way to “connect” the Step mode and Automation mode a bit tighter would be very welcome indeed. Currently it they feel like completely different worlds.


Here is an example:

Lets say I have an empty drum pattern on the Hapax with 64 steps (4 bars). The BeatBuddy is playing it’s own patterns, called “parts”. It has let’s say ten parts in the song. To switch on the BeatBuddy to part number seven I have so sent CC:113, value 7 at step #48 (the last step of the second-to-last bar) and value 0 at step #49 (the 1st step of the last bar). Value 0 is needed to activate the part-switch. By doing this, BeatBuddy is being prepared to part 7, starts playing a transition drum fill until the current bar is over, and will then continue with part 7.

What is the best way to do this?

My 1st attempt was to set the CC in step mode. This would be a quick and direct workflow. Fumble around with automations instead is a little inconvenient according to my taste.

I think automation is the best (and only?) way to do this.

Thanks. I was afraid of this answer :wink: