Nice solution for Eurorack cabling Hapax

Thought I share this. I always had a problem placing the hapax somewhere so that its accessible and at the same time connected to my rack.

There is this module from doepfer where you can use a network cable between the modules when you use two cables you can use 14 I/O and if you use CAT7 cable the distance can be like 10 meters and almost no degration in quality.

It comes with two modules one for each side and with cables but I recommend investing in CAT7 cables! The modules are passive so dont need power!


or get an expert sleepers fh-2 and have up to 68 cv outputs with a single usb cable


Not comparable at all, I dont want to use a computer thats why i got a HW sequencer!

computer? noooo my man, its hapax and fh-2 + expansions only. no computer!

but honestly comupters are not bad things. but a computer never entered this scenario.

i mean, you do know hapax acts as a usb host and a usb client? yes! fh-2 is a gorgeous pairing with hapax. check it out bro! no scary computers i promise

Perhaps i missed something obvious but since when can you route audio channels on the hapax? :wink:

Anyways it would not help my case, because of the length limitation of a usb cable and also the doepfer solution is a lot cheaper!

Anyways interesting to know you can connect soundcards to the hapax, never seen any option in the settings to select audio channels though so curious to know how that works :wink:

Hapax should see and support any class-compliant USB-MIDI device, whether said device has other functionalities (such as audio capabilities) or not.

Ah the FH-2 is a cv to midi device now i get it :slight_smile:

usb to cvs and gates to be precise

and i have a 50 foot usb cable with an active repeater. works well!

you send 14 bit cc modulations from hapax to fh-2, and 14 bit resolution is the limit of hapax and fh-2 so your cv output are full resolution. whupsssh! just like many other professional cv solutions! all 4 of your cv outs are made from 14bit waveforms!

I have connected all Hapax CV/Gate I/O to a mono/TS 19" patchbay which is close to my modular + semi-modular stuff. Works nicely and I can leave the Hapax alone when I want to switch destinations.

Great thread.

I have on order (before fidning this thread) both of these solutions to add to my rack.
The FH-2 can work with a hub input too, so you could have hapax, a qwerty keyboard, keystep, beatstep, game controller, whatever, doing CV and Gatage fun!

Can’t wait to get it actually.

the A-180-9 pairs and the Intellijel 1u version where mainly to bring my three racks together, I was perviously using a tiptop wayout8 patch for the hapax CV so it was ready to go as needed.

I would love to see squarp do something like the Reliq is doing, with a specific breakout eurorack module…


do mind sharing your definition file the FH-2 or an example how to send 14 bit cc.

Thank you

did you see it in the definitions subforum?

the manual describes how to send modulation. have you read that?

you simply pick the destination for your automation or lfo