Nice looking midi router for Pyramid

This looks great, I signed up for the beta, for people with a Pyramid and a lot of midi gear it seems ideal.

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The iCM4+ can connect via USB to the Pyramid, both powering and sending MIDI.
So in essence, with the iConnectivity devices, you can get a total of 48 MIDI OUT channels.

This device does not work as a USB host. So this cannot do such things.

yeah, this is s pity (and a surprise too) … but still very useful.
Ive been looking for a din midi spliter/merger so this might be useful for me

however, I suspect this is going to be a whole lot cheaper than a iCM4+ - so for me depends on price.
(signed up for the beta… so hopefully we will hear more soon)

I already have a Kenton host so not that worried about no host on this (although it would be better, less boxes!) but the midi transform and routing options look like they have a lot to offer for my particular requirements.

The BomeBox is a lot more powerful than this (it can do literally anything). + USB host mode.

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Yeah I looked at that a while back but not enough din in and outs for me.

That why we have mergers!

Yeah I have a merger, 5 midi thru boxes, a midi patchbay etc, etc.

Then you are good to go!

I run a ME80P, a MSB2+ and a custom 8in/16out patchbay/processor that I don’t have a manual for and so it’s just a switch.

Midihub isn’t available yet and as pointed out by @joosep, the iConnectivity range does more.

I own a MIO4 and it’s great but I do own three other MIDI routers that have front face assignment, a Kenton Merge4 and a Phil Rees V3.

I’d looked at the Bomebox, but like @darenager mentions, one in/one out on dins is too limiting.
I’m really thinking I’m going to buy another MIO4 for another 8 USB connections and four dins. I’d replace my existing MIO with a MIO10 if it had 2 USB host port on it, but alas it only has the one.

Yeah but who cares ?

Midihub is now available for preorder

I’ve been using for quite a while as a beta tester and it really compliments the pyramid well