Newcomer question about MIDI In

Is it possible to use one keyboard controller as MIDI In to control other synths thru the Pyramid without using and additional MIDI split box? For example if I have the Squarp sending out 8 channels to a midi thru box and I want to use one keyboard to control all of those? Is it possible to use USB Midi for this? (ie Oxygen 49 controller in) Thanks!

not quite sure what you mean…

generally yes, you can control multiple synths from one keyboard using the pyramid.
by placing each synth on a separate midi channel.

usb midi … so the pyramid is a usb midi device not a host.
do you will not be able to directly connect a usb midi device to it (like the Oxygen 49), you will need some kind of usb host device to do this. theres a few to choose from.
loopop did a great video on explaining usb device vs host (which can be confusing!)

Could I connect the midi keyboard controller to the Pyramid’s midi In and use it “thru” the Squarp to control the other synths? Or do I have to have a separate MIDI splitter for all the MIDI outs of the instruments merged to 1 MIDI in for the Pyramid? Hopefully that clarifies a little

Yes, of course, that’s the way how it works. I use the same way. But to avoid misunderstandings: you can control one synth at once. So for example, Synth1 on channel 1, you select Track01 in Pyramid (it’s pre-defined in Pyramid: Track01 is channel 1, Track02 is CH2 and so on), you can control Synth1. If you want to change to Synth2 (that is on channel 2), you just select Track02 and you can control Synth2. And so on. Certainly you can change the channel definition in the tracks, as you like.