Newbish Midi question, halp

Can i mute/unmute tracks from another sequencer?
Ex. Id like to mute/unmute tracks when i change patterns on my digitakt

Or maybe find a way to link pyramid sequences to patterns on the digitakt, so id just have to send one message instead of multple track mutes

Is that what pyramidi is for?

Ive had the pyramid for a couple months and have been mostly getting my workflow figured out and im finally interested in marrying it to my other main sequencer (digitakt) and since the 'takt is a little bitch about recieving pattern change messages at the beginning of a sequence id prefer to use it how i mentioned above, im not super fluent in midi so im not sure how to set this up


Sorry - noticed an error in my response. Don’t have tyime to fix it right now, will repost later today.

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Apologies: I’m not very good with (spoken/written) language, so I can understand this question to mean possibly several different things. Sorry.

You can Mute/Unmute Tracks on the Pyramid via MIDI messages, either CC or Notes. Any device that can send the correct MIDI CC or MIDI Note event can Mute/Unmute Pyramid Tracks.

If you are asking if the Pyramid can Mute/Unmute Tracks that are being played on another sequencer, the answer would depending on the MIDI Implementation of the other sequencer.

If you want to Mute/Unmute Pyramid Tracks via MIDI, review the Manual, specifically the MIDI Implementation Chart. Sending the correct MIDI CC’s or MIDI Notes (depending on which you want to use, based on the MIDI Implementation chart) will Mute/Unmute Pyramid Tracks using PyraMIDI

It can be more complex than it seems it should be, but MIDI is very basic. It just gets weird when companies interpret how they expect us to work with their gear and how things get synchronised.

But yes: Genearlly, you can do this. I believe the trick with elektron devices is in when the msg to change the pattern happens and when the elektron device decides it’s ready to change patterns. Check your elektron manual for specifics - or search the forum.

PyraMIDI is for controlling the pyramid via MIDI which is most often an external device (controller, sequencer, etc) or even a loopback. So, if you choose to use your elektron gear as master, then you may likely use pyraMIDI functions.

There are several ways to configure what I believe you are considering configuring, and all those options come with caveats. My suggestion would be to understand what you can control and how to do that, and that info would come from the manuals. Then start small with some test cases, and get familiar with MIDI.

Although as I mentioned: I’m sure there is someone doing exactly what you want to do - they might be able to step-by-step it for you. Just remember that if that system doesn’t quite work for you, there are other ways to configure things.


Time to find my manual, i will probably ve posting more questions in here when i inevitably get stuck doing something :joy:


I don’t own a pyramid but do own a DT and I think I see how this is done. The tldr is on the DT use tracks 9-16 to send the mute(0)/unmute(anything else) to each pyramid track 1-64. The CC matches the track to mute. Ex. Send 0 to CC7 to mute track 7 in the pyramid. Send 1(or anything not 0) to CC7 to unmute track 7 in the pyramid.

I wrote steps for how to sequence the MPC drum synth from the DT, the DT side seems like it would apply so I can get you setup of the DT to output mutes CCs to midi channel X, but how you go from midi in on the pyramid to track 7 is a mystery to me.

The way you’d use this would be to set, for example track 9 on the DT as the mute channel. Put a trig on step 1 and hold it down, then go to amp and turn on an encoder and set it’s CC to the track you want to mute on the pyramid (ex A set to CC7). Go to the filter page (still holding the step) and turn that encoder (ex A) to send 0. Now it should send a mute when this pattern plays.

You can mute track 9 on the DT like normal and it won’t send. Let me use unmuting the track as an example.
Track 10, put a trig on step 1, set encoder a to 1 on filter, cc7 on amp (‘send unmute to track 7’). Copy the trig to every step. Mute track 10 [func+10] on the DT.
Now when this pattern plays track 9 trig 1 sends CC7 0 - mute track 7.
If you unmute track 10 at any point , the next step will send CC7 1 - unmute.

Setup DT optional, DT as master (this part is really about the mpc setup my friend has :p)
Settings gear icon
Scroll to MIDI CONFIG > yes SYNC > yes
Clock receive off Clock send on Transport receive off Transport send off Prog ch receive off Prof ch send off >No
PORT CONFIG > yes Turbo off
Out Port Func MIDI (assuming DIN cables) Thru Port Func MIDI
Input from MIDI+UDB
Output to MIDI
Output Ch TRK CH Parma Output CC Encoder Dest INT+EXT Trig Dest INT+EXT Mute Dest INT+EXT Receive Notes On Receive CC On

no Channels
1:1,2:2…8:8, A:,B:, repeat
Fix Control OFF
Auto Channel OFF
Prog Chg In Ch AUTO
Prog Chg Out Ch AUTO

Src Page
Func + push encoder A to enable the encoder over Chan, set it to match the channel that controls the tracks on the pyramid, eg 9.
These others are standard midi CCs - (PB) Pitch Bend, (AT) Aftertouch, (MW) Mod Wheel, (BC) Breath Control. They don’t do much on drum synth but do on other synths. Func + push in the encoder to toggle enable/disable.

Fltr Page
This page is your definable CCs. The definition is on the next page, Amp. This page is the value the CC will send.
Func+Enable as many as you want. Do all 8 if you want to send 8 mutes.

Amp Page
This page maps the CC that the Fltr page uses - we’re setting the CC values to use in the Fltr page changes. We’ll set them to the track number we want to mute in the pyramid A:7,B:15,C:… etc.
Repeat this last section defining the CCs across the 9-16 banks for each 8 tracks you want to be able to mute at once. . You probably don’t need all of them so maybe do this one and then decide what you actually want to map

You can trig lock the CC to whichever track you want to mute/unmute so you only have to map as many as you want to control at once.

you can flip progressions too so Ex A could mute track 7 while B sends unmute to track 8.

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Gonna give it a shot!

Fiddled around for a bit and managed to figure out how to do what i originally wanted, now i can change pyramid sequences when i change patterns on the Digitakt :slight_smile:
if amyone is interested its midi cc69 + value (1-32 selects which sequence)

Now im wondering if i can use the cv in to control a master transpose track :thinking:

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