Newbie question: how to determine which cc note a parameter occupies?

Wondering how to determine which midi cc note controls each parameter?

This is a general question and I’d like to understand the general concept, but I also have a specific goal. My pyramid is controlling multiple patches on a Roland jv-2080. I’m assuming each patch will require digging into exactly what each cc note is controlling, as each individual patch has its own slew of different parameters.

CC messages are pretty specific to each gear but there are some general CC messages that are commonly used across a lot of devices.

Take a look at the MIDI Implementation Chart (page 195) of your JV2080 owners manual → Roland - Support - JV-2080 - Owner's Manuals

You would want to use that chart to determine which CC parameter you wish to automate.


In addition to the stock CC’s in the MIDI implementation chart, the JV/XV synths support a number of other mappable controls, all which are configurable to the point that the only possible answer is “it depends on your settings” :sweat_smile:

Oh and FWIW, you might want to make a definition file for it. These JV-1080 and XV-3080 could be used as a starting point, the JV-2080 falls somewhere between the two feature-wise.

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Oh! Super cool. Thanks!

I definitely will!

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