Newb Hermod Qustions re: CV Recording

Hey Squarp and Hermod-Users,

I ordered and received my very own Hermod a day ago with hopes it would function as an arranger for my mostly generative modular music. My aim was to use it as a hub to capture any desirable random / generative moments for later playback, however I’m hitting a few snags.

Running a Turing-Machine, triggered by a Varigate (clocked to Hermod), into a uScale, I locked in a decent melodic phrase which I wanted to record to a ‘note’ track on the Hermod. I set the CV-In-Settings to received CV/Gate on AB on the Active Track and plugged in the output of the uScale into the Hermod’s A input. I hit record, and nothing was captured. After some fiddling around, I was upset to learn that this was because a gate signal was not present in the B-input (super lame that a gate is required to record cv-note information), but that wasn’t the only issue. What the Hermod recorded was a dissonant, shadow of the melody I had originally heard playing from uScale. I eventually tried recording the melody with the quantize off, which seemed to help a bit, but there were still quite a few goofy, off-sounding notes.

Does anyone have any advice for me for this specific application of the Hermod? And can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem I’m having?


I‘ve had this happen as well…
After clearing my track and plugging the gate input as well, everything worked.
Try this workflow: you patch the sound you like and then setup track 1 as a mono track. As Hermod is a hub you need to patch hermod cv/gate of track 1 out into your patch‘s soundmodules and cv/gate from your patch into hermod. If the track is emtpy, you‘ll hear your patch!
Set lenght of track, record! Be careful to either get out of record at the end of your pattern or edit out double notes as hermod is accumulating notes/cv…not overwriting them! This could be done with 2 gate/cv inputs into hermod(in c and d) but doesnt make much sense as you can only record one track at a time…
I‘ve tested this with Marbles and it works perfectly. I haven’t recorded a proper cv modulating into a modulation track yet

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2things i forgot😃
Marbles was clocking hermod when doing this, i think your patch should be clocking hermod, although it should work the other round as well-the gate input is really important!
2: there seems to be a general misconception of quantize. This first undeletable midi effect (quantize,rootnote et al) is non destructive and doesnt influence recording to my knowledge! Qunatize can be in or out, it‘ll affect playback not recording!

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