New user midi set up

Greetings all,
First time poster so please be gentle :blush:
Received my Pyramid 2 days ago (mine is also the new all black version). Having difficulty in reconciling the manual instructions with my specific set up. I have the following…
StudioLogic Sledge 2.0
Micro Freak
An older midi Proteus SQR sound module
Arturia Keystep
(Soon to own) DFAM
(Soon to own) Hydrasynth Desktop
Midi Solutions Quadra Thru

Would like the Pyramid to be able to control all of the gear (Keystep will be used to control the rack units)

Is it possible to run a Pyramid controlled set up with the above…?
If so, please advise the best method in doing that. Have all necessary cables at my disposal (except usb splitter cable if that’s needed)

Thank you all for looking

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keystep -> midi in pyramid
pyramid midi out a -> quadra -> 4 devices
pyramid midi out b -> anything left over

(except op-1 … this is a usb device , so you will need some kind of usb host as it cannot be plugged directly into pyramid)

set all devices to different midi channels, and make sure they are midi clock slaves
setup a pyramid track for each device according to midi channel.

from there, you should be able to select the track on the pyramid, and either play on the pyramid (live mode, or step), or play on keystep.


  • I think some have had issues with keystep, so worth searching the forum if you have any trouble getting it to work
  • you want to try to avoid using thru ports on your synths, if possible… and given you have the quadra that should be ok, unless you get even more synths :slight_smile:
  • if you have multitimbral synths, then you may have to compromise on channels, as pyramid has 3 midi outputs (usb, din a , din b) so a maximum of 48 midi channels.

That’s excellent… Look forward to exploring these possibilities. Thank you for the quick response

And check also all midi specification files for your gear. Very handy

The SQR is 16 voice multitimbral, no? If you want to use all 16 channels, id put it on its own Port (in Technobears example, I’d put it on Port B?

Depends on how many channels you use, tho, or you may not even be using multi mode. I have 4 16 voice synths all on Port A because i dont use 16 channels on all of them due to polyphony and my affinity for stacks/layers.


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Thanks for the great ideas… Have a busy day ahead :sweat_smile:

Just a quick note about the DFAM. This unit doesn’t support MIDI directly but you could control it via Pyramid CV, (as an alternate method to the BSP), or control it from other eurorack gear like Mother-32, etc. Check out CV/Gate connectivity section in manual

Both Hydrasynth desktop & keyboard work flawlessly with the Pyramid.

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Thanks. I did know about the CV route re DFAM… And I’m still on the fence about that unit for a couple of reasons. I’m more an ambient composer rather than EDM… Hence the sourcing of something like a DFAM… But I’m not totally sold just yet… Looking at Nord and also Model samples… Or I might just leave the drumming duties to the OP-1.

In my setup it’s probably not the best use-case but I use DFAM mainly as a pulsating drone and/or to get that extra-low bass sound to pair up with drum beats.

Right now its being triggered by M32, which is synced to Pyramid as master clock and BSP slaves to it. The nice thing about having both Pyramid and BSP is that it offers many configuration options. I haven’t yet began to play with the Hydra’s CV but I know it’s there and at some point will start exploring those options. Recent attention is focused on The NDRL :slight_smile:

Hi, will you explain the multi timbral part? I have a Moog one and I can’t figure out why the pyramid won’t control certain things (filter, etc). Thanks.