New user, a few things

Hi, Ive had my Hapax a week or 2, love it. I wasn’t sure whether to get a Hapax or an Oxi one, Ive ended up with both, happy days.

I have a few questions, or feature suggestions?

Is it possible to select a pattern without playing it? I’d like to say build up a drum pattern while the previous pattern plays, is this possible? If not could it be?

Pattern colours, again my apologies if this is already available. I’d like to be able to colour code the patterns, rather than have everything in yellow. I have checked the manual and tried few key combo’s but had no luck. Is it possible to set a pattern or even a track colour?

Other than that the Hapax is awesome, paired with an oxi one its super amazing. They have enough different features that having both is a plus. Also the Hapax can power the oxi one and do usb midi in & out at the same time, brilliant.

It would be great if the Hapax could mount the sd card over usb to save messing around
finding adapters, but that’s not super important.

Thanks and have a great weekend


some great suggestions. Make sure to submit them via Contact Us (Contact us | Squarp instruments).