New to Squarp sequencer.My answers to dum questions

Here is what i know…
yup it is a good clock
yup euclidean mode rocks
yup I don’t care if your ableton live (computer) doesn’t work
yup i can’t store my tx81z presets via sysex (yet)
yup i don’t know if i can record my BS improveisations (BS = bullshit as they are long winded and etc…)
yup i don’t know if i can use a guitar synth live to again record my BS
Theremin I own a theremin…The moog cv plus and a bunch of the pedals
yup the squarp can record cv /cc data
nope I gotta read charts to input midi files.
yup i have to make project lengths ie 16 bar everytime
yup The pyramid is an MMT8 (which i still have) times 1000.
nope i have not destroyed the memory with my EWI (yet)(cc7 sucks even the best computers dry …trust me i know.) clogs hardware synths into submission.
don’t transmit breath and volume @ the same time nevermind glide I ramble
squarp trans mits on 16 midi channels x4
It’s a big boy.

What is this thread about? What is your point?

I think you’re probably wrong about the sixteen bars but I’m so confused by the ambivalence of your post it’s hard to be certain

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Some body did’nt RTFM…page 29…
sry man I see so much bullshit on other forums i gave up bothering.
I’m finding this squarp is what they say it is and does what i want it to do so far and i’m glad.If you purchased it and are unhappy(you love it. it rocks)
ambivalence…good one yup that exists.
no computer yey!!!

Heh, as long as it’s now working :wink:
The pyramid is a lovely piece of technology …