New system (3.10) settings

Can someone please advise me please on whether after installing a new system (3.10) I have to set up all settings manually or can I somehow retrieve settings from 3.0 system that I have running at the moment?
I am not convinced that Default Settings will do this after saving and I don’t want to try until someone confirms that it can be done.

Save a project in 3.0 and open that in 3.1. Should load all the stuff you had set in 3.0. Worked for me.

I am not talking about the project, but system settings.

@maximee is correct. System settings are alao saved per project. Just load a project from 3.0 and then “Save settings” to make them defaults again.

Hope this helps :wink:


Well, just so you are all aware, after installing the 3.10 system all my system settings went back to default and my loaded project did not retrieve the previous settings so previous answers don’t seem to be true. Please correct me if I’m doing something wrong.
Thanks guys!

this happened to me too. It’s tedious to re-set everything up again, I admit. I guess i tried to look at it as an opportunity to re-famliarize myself with some of the options. I do hope moving the settings over is a feature that comes with the next update.

My plan around it, for next time, was to create an ‘init’ save that has everything all perfect, since settings do seem to be saved with the songs.

The problem is that some system preferences can’t be saved in the project so every time there are some thing I must set again and again every time I update firmware:-( like Anti Eco and Load after close etc.