New Squarp Eurorack Sequencer: Hermod

Check this out:

I wonder if that also runs PyraOS or rather HermOS…

Seems like its a version of Pyramid, so it would not be identical. But very closely linked :wink:

Really hoping that this development will also help push the boundaries of Pyramid as well. I know at least one friend who will be very happy to see a mainly CV based Eurorack sequencer. Looking forward to more news soon.

Really hoping that this development will also help push the boundaries of Pyramid as well.

Yes! : ) I hope too

Will this have a negative influence on the original Pyramid, like more focus on Hermod and no more development on Pyramid?


Will this integrate with pyramid hardware?

Congrats on the work btw

It already has and it explains the previous statements about no big updates and not taking suggestions. Development focus has shifted to Hermod. This is normal though, you can’t expect updates forever and I expect items can drop out of Hermod and end up back in Pyramid. They’ll be running a sync’d codebase.

This could also be the expansion that has been talked about for a while. Note the USB Host jack - for plugging the Pyramid in, I’d guess. If it integrates well it could be a killer.


and I would love to have a second screen : )
it could be very useful to display some informations

I dream about a Pyramid which have two screens like Maschine
(one for the “main screens”, the other for the “DISP screens”)
this one is a bit too small though…

and the color of the Hermod doesn’t match with the Pyramid
so they have to make a similar unit in black : )

(and with more MIDI DIN if possible… maybe on the area on the left instead of the buttons? since we don’t really need them on an extension)

It will be interesting to see what this pairing has to offer over pairing it with a Shuttle Control. Obviously having the whole sequencer in one module is an advantage unto itself, but I’m sure there will be some more advanced integration between the two.

That is a ball buster since I recently got my Pyramid :frowning:

Don’t fret. Pyramid is still better in a lot of ways. Pyramid paired with a proper CV interface will likely remain a more powerful device overall. More ergonomic in workflow, being an external box. Also means your sequencing is platform agnostic which is the big appeal to hardware sequencers, IMO.