New Pyramid - New DRM1 Drum machine - Help!

Hello all!!

I am new to hardware sequencing and NEW to Pyramid. So far I love this thing. Nothing to hate so far. I have been trying to not get into using a DAW as I spend far too much time in front of the computer on a normal day!

My question for the Pyramid users. I used to use a Beatstep pro for the DRM1 drum machine, it was an easy setup. Turn on and then snap a pad to each instrument.

How would I go about setting up the Pyramid to remember the instruments and Pad positions?

I am slowly making my way through the manual but I really just want to get up and playing!.

Any or pointers to other posts that may help I would greatly appreciate!


I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, but maybe you can check the manual of DRM1 as well. Page 18 and 19. And page 30 of Pyramid (pdf) manual.


I guess I am still trying to get my head around the Pyramid.

The DRM has 8 sounds that have midi notes assigned to them in order to trigger.

On th ebeatstep all i had to do was turn on the DRM1 while holding down a button and then just hit in turn where I wanted each instrument. Like kick etc. And it would remember it after shutdown of the beaststep.

Is this possible with the Pyramid? Or do I have to manually assign each note to individual pads on the pyramid every time i want to use the drum machine?

As i mentioned i am new to the Pyramid so I am still trying to get things clear in my head.

Any help I would appreciate!


What have you tried so far and how did that work/not work?

this seems to be a function of the drm1, so it shouldn’t matter what do you use to send the midi notes (bsp or pyramid or a midi keyboard)

Yes, this is the midi learn function on the DRM1, not on the beatstep !! So this is the DRM1 that remembers everything, not the beatstep :slight_smile: and you don’t have to do this everytime !

I suggest you to choose your notes via the DRM midi learn function,once, while connected to the pyramid, then shutdown both and power up, then load your project on the pyramid it should work fine without having to to the midi learn each time ;

Then you can save your track files/name into the pyramid so each time you use the DRM, you just have to recall this track, the notes will be named (kick, snare, drum1 ect) and it will save

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Hi all

Ok so I have figured it out.

I read up on definition files. I created one and stuck that on the SD card.

But it kept missing the snare and a couple of other instruments.

I then reset the DRM1 and restarted both

TADA! Works fine now. I can trigger the drums via my midi controller or choose instruments via the pyramid knob for step recording.

I was wondering. How can i assign the drums to the pyramid pads?? Like you can with chords etc???

Many thanks!