New hapax owner here

so far, this has been amazing. ive owned a fair few step sequencers and this whole heartedly ranks above most of them, including a favorite: zaquencer. deluge is different but similar and at least allows per step settings for all parameters. ok so deluge is a good contender but im feelin this hapax a lot! my feeling is it is superior. it gets to focus solely on being a midi sequencer and modulator. let the other guys do the synth part with midi as a standard. i see my volca sample with pajen os differently now haha! seriously opens up a lot of gear to in - sequence tweaks. perfect for a capable small midi sampler! will eventually check out blackbox but volca sample so far sounds quite nice as well for $100 used haha


Welcome to the party!

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I had the deluge once; I think the only thing it did better was note preview when entering steps. That hopefully will be coming soon to the hapax!

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im with ya on that. i also liked the sampler but thats not a fair comparison. and now i can have any sampler. volca with pajen opens up the midi control, makes it chromatic and just fits well with hapax’s automation capability. its perfect for drum loops considering pajen gives you cc control over sample selection and start offset index. that is perfect for anyone used to a tracker composing style. very precise and flexible. the only thing is your samples have to sound perfect in the first place. theres something about a low tech approach that sometimes makes for incredible results

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