New Effects Discussion

Hi there! I just ordered the Hapax so I’ll be able to play with it in September hopefully!

I’m making this new topic as there’s an Algo discussion topic already, but I think it can be cool to have a separate topic only for effects.

My first wishes are:

  • Punch in effects! I hesitated quite a lot with the Polyend Play, but as a sequencing fan, I think that Hapax is better. But the Punch in effects on the Play seems like a lot of fun, and I would love the same kind of effects on the Hapax. Above all some beat repeat with different quantification. You could set the effect for individual tracks or all tracks.
    There can be a lot of other punch in effects to think about.

  • Repeat note Midi effect. With different algos like pitch up/down, CC up/down, timing up/down etc…

I think I have more ideas, but I have to think about them and do a nap now!

Not really an effect in itself, but I’ve been considering the idea of having two parallell effects chains.
Perhaps the upper row could hold 3 effects (4 - modMatrix) and the lower row could hold 4 effects and they could process incoming notes independently (as opposed to the 7 serial effects of today).

Example usage: you could use a filter to split your notes into high and low and apply different effects for the two ranges. Upper row running a sparse arp on bass notes and lower row running a dense arp with randomized velocity on higher notes.