New Day, New Thing I Learned: Finding CC Automations in Step Mode

So, I have a working Project that I use some Automations and Note Data in Tracks, in addition to Assigned MIDI Fx.

I want to get rid of the CC Automations and Note Data w/out affecting the Assigned MIDI Fx assignations so I can Save this as a Template to use in other Projects, so I’m going through and manually deleting Note Data and CC Data.

If I have several CC’s Automated on a Track, I was having a heck of a time scrolling through each CC to find the automated ones.

Ummm…but while in Step Mode, after I’ve deleted a CC Automation, and knowing there are other CC Automations on this same Track, I just:

  • Press [Track] & Release
  • Press [Step]
    …and there’s the next CC to delete.

I didn’t know this.
I dont’ think I’ve ever read this in the manual.
I still can’t find if this is listed in the manual.
I wanted to pass this Shortcut along.


yeah, its in the manual :wink: (if i understand you correctly)
for sure though, its easy to forget these things theres so many useful shortcuts on the pyramid!

this is similar / same to note editing (in mono mode), which is how i ‘remember’ it.


Thanks. Then DUH@me.
Too many things to remember.

It’s time to go back through the manual and step by step revisit every feature to see what I’ve been missing.

I also forget some of the shortcuts,
the pattern ones are my weak point as they changed (for the better) at some point :slight_smile:

perhaps if you do , scribble down the shortcuts - it would be a good additional page to add to the manual (others have asked before)

I think the shortcuts tend to be detailed at the bottom of the ‘relevant’ section, usutally marked as a TIP

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I’ll try to make notes.
There is a Shortcuts section in the Manual, but I missed this one there, perhaps.

At least it isn’t as bad as trying to use Excel. /s


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ah my bad this time :slight_smile:
… it’s the hermod manual that doesn’t have the shortcut section.

and this shortcut is in the listed shortcuts :slight_smile:


yea the definition file reverting to the next defined note is the function youre talking about i think. Definitely never considered using it in that fashion. The pyramid is truly the gift that keeps on giving and i love reading both of your posts since you are both so knowledgeable.

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