New Algo ideas/discussion

Well, you could say having 16 steps and a default 4/4 time signature could be targeting the acid/techno/house/etc market kinda…

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There are a few algos / algo improvements that I’d like:

  1. Presets. I’d like to be able to save a list of Algos, each with all of its settings to quickly re-apply it.
  2. I’d like the Curves Algo to be able to work as amplitude + offset, instead of amplitude min + max. The way it is right now feels really awkward to use.
  3. I’d like a Humanize algo that can quickly make subtle, random adjustments to one or more of Velocity, Pitch, uTime values for selected notes. I’d really like to see this as an effect as well.
  4. I’d like an Algo I can use to generate euclidean rhythms on individual drum tracks in a pattern

I love @iiii 's suggestion of Permute. Reminds me a lot of the Yamaha RS7000 Loop Remix function. It would basically break up a pattern, and rearrange it, repeat some sections, giving you a lot of variations. Easy way to “flip” a melody or drum loop. +1 for something like that!


oh for sure :slight_smile:
though those are also just defaults, rather than particular functions for a particular genre.

that said, generally sequencers are more prominent in certain genres that others,
so focusing on the main use-cases in not bad as such , and I def recognise you can make an argument for this kind of things … e.g. if its useful to 90% of your target market … why not?
so as I said, thats just my feeling, Id like more generally applicable things, but perhaps in this particular case, Im just not in that 90% - thats fine too … just my personal opinion, others Im sure feel otherwise !

edit: quick reminder…
dont forget to send feature requests to Squarp via contact form
a discussion of ideas for algos is great here… but don’t let your ideas get lost in this topic.

this topic should not turn into a general wishlist thread for fx/algos… as the contact form is still the place for FRs, rather consider this topic as a place to develop ideas with the community - rather than being a place where Squarp will look for FRs.


Yeah of course. Although I’m quite happy for bits of kit to be able to do stuff I’m not really interested in, so long as it’s still got bits I like in it. I use about 30% at most of what my Analog Rytm is capable of, but that’s fine with me, because that 30% is great.

I think any generative stuff will be fun, but doubt I’d use it often, but I’m not going to be upset that it is there.

Here is an Algo idea: Melody Morph

You take one melody on one pattern and morph it over a user defined length into another pattern and have some options for how the algo will interpret the in between.

Not an algo but not sure where to post this… but something I find is missing from the Elektron conditional trigs is opposite of the 4:4…
I often want the last few notes of the pattern to not play to create a break before going to next pattern.

So it would be /4:4. on the 4th time of 4 loops ‘‘don’t play”
I will definitely send a request for this as it would be extremely useful for creating transitions to the next pattern… I don’t always want to add notes having a rest can be more impactful sometimes


i just came up with a funny idea for a midi-delay -after sitting for hours on the Piano (+FX)-
a dynamic midi delay, mostly meant for realtime-play uses, but would work also for sequenzing uses:

have a second track be your “AND-gate” track, meant to trigger the midi-delay, => ONLY, when the note on data of the "master-/realtime play- track matches the note-on data on the "AND-gate track.
this way could we create very dynamic midi delays.
add gatelenght, velocity, and even pitch to the midi delay in two ways:
have it on the playFX page of the master track, in a static manner, but modifieable by external controllesr or the knobs of the Hapax,
or have these parameters set per note on the AND gate track.
( not thought out “this aspect” too much)

what i envision is:
play Piano ( or whatever) in realtime.
record your AND gate track in realtime on the fly, by your own piano playing etc.
…then use that “loop” to “trigger” ( ie. AND-gate) your midi delay.
create several patterns for that “AND gate track” / use those also as a jamming/variation playground.

many uses thinkable, from super simple, to quite complex.
AND, as mentioned: all completly jammable ! ie.: “programmable” on the fly by your own playing. ( Hapax makes for a great “realtime-play” looper !! so, thats where this idea fits in for me)

i never used anything “random generator” / maybe you folks would replace my whole idea just by “that”, haha
personally, the random idea does not fit my idea of “music making” too much :wink: ( other than random sound vriations)


Had an idea for an algo, How about one that creates rhythmic patterns out of static block notes.
You could lay down some notes/block chords then add the rhythm…
I think this could be pretty interesting and be a great compositional tool.
Think I would use this often,

similar to Euclidean generator already suggested I guess but if had a bunch of preset rhythms and customisable rhythms would be amazing…

A midi FX like this would also be great that was almost a rhythm sequencer that could set offset notes

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I had just posted a FR on this. It sounded like the idea was novel to the team, or maybe just their form reply, but I’m surprised that there’s no way to do something (in my admittedly biased opinion with lots of other sequencers) as simple as lock an arpeggio to a pattern. Not being able to do this, means any pattern that’s got an arp can’t be synced or harmonized with another track at appropriate times. I am hopeful this actually gets addressed so the output of fx’s can get printed for refined manipulation.

An internal routing between tracks would be fine for this too, and might even make more sense with some of the effects as they are inherently random and you might want to “record” a few bars until you get the variation you like, but some internal way to lock those results would be delightful. I hate having to use an additional device just for this. Fingers crossed I guess.


Something like an Indian classical music/Philip Glass “additive minimalism” sequence generator could be very interesting. Something where additional beats/notes can be added and subtracted to an existing pattern.


Not sure if this is been mention before but a simple randomize note pitch but keep lengths and positions would be quite useful.

And another simple but useful for me would be randomize note positions but keep notes and lengths.

Please ignore if this has been mention before, I have been away from this forum for a while.

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You could achieve random pitch with the fx. If we just could have a consolidate function, then you can “print” the effect.

I’ve been watching a few Oxi One videos on YT and noticed that it has some nice inter-track abilities, such as the notes of a sequence updating in real time to match changes in chord progression. Do we think that Hapax will develop similar inter-track abilities (or maybe it does already but I haven’t worked it out!). It reminds me a bit of inter-track AUX on the Cirklon.


Would love to see this as well.

Since this is more like a realtime effect, I think it is not really suitable as an Algo though. Could be a track effect, or maybe just a setting in conjunction with the current project transpose track (16) with some sort of scale/chord recognition.


Its cool with the stochastic sequencer because the far right 2 columns are a prob to mutate the pitch and prob the mutate the rhythm and when you find a pattern you like you can drop those to 0, and the sequencer has been updating the whole time so it locks the last iteration.

I haven’t checked if harmonized tracks update the trigs as well but I assume so. The grid navigation is a bit clunky though so as cool as it is, it makes it easier to get lost on the oxi.

It looks really cool with the arp on with the keyboard up too because the keys light up as they fire.

Consolidate is obviously cool but the real magic of altos imo is how you can get different variations on a single click until you like something.

I don’t think the consolidate would have such a quick and simple workflow. I will still love to have consolidate for sure but the 2 small algos would still be quite useful for me.

Wow, the new Chord match feature is exactly what I described here! :smiley: