New 3.10 trouble

Anyone else having trouble with the new OS. Windows doesn’t seem to read the bin file? Any suggestions on a converter?

Thanks all!

Windows isn’t supposed to read it. Take a look at the install instructions at the top of this page:

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Thanks for the reply.

I’m aware of the steps, and followed all of them. Bootloader is not found. I went back to 3.0 and will try to redownload the new OS again tomorrow.

I think the confusion was when you said

it doesn’t need to read the bin file, apart from you just copying it to the SD card - does this step fail?

one thing to beware of , and perhaps might be the issue…

the downloaded PyraOS.bin is a compressed file, but you much not uncompress it,
it needs to be copied to the SD card unchanged. so don’t double click it… also check that windows does not decide to uncompress it when its copied to the SD card.
(on the macOS you can see this is happening of the the filename changes from PyraOS.bin to something like PyraOS.bin.cpgz)

I managed to update both the Pyramid and Hermod OS without issue so the files on are fine.

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