Negative offset in Step mode

Hi folks,

I’ve noticed that when I nudge a step backwards (apply a negative offset), it becomes the previous step with a positive offset. I understand this probably makes the implementation easier for developers, but it’s very confusing for me as a user, because the lit steps are an important visual aid. But what’s worse, there’s no way to bring it back, because offset caps at +99. Consequently, it’s impossible to nudge a step back and forth - once you go below zero, you cannot return. Maybe there’s a workaround for this, and I’d love to know it, but generally I’d prefer steps to remain where they are. 20 years ago I had a Yamaha Rm1x, and it didn’t have a problem with negative offsets - so this surely must be possible.

What do you think?

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I agree this is a problem and would be remedied by allowing beyond the offset of 99, causing the event to move to the next step.

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