Need info on CV/Gate connectivity

Hello all,

I’d like to purchase a Pyramid, but I’m getting conflictual information about the actual CV/Gate connectivity.

  • The site mentions 4 (four) CV ins & 3 out (CV, env , Gate)
  • Audiofanzine’s review mentions 2 CV ins and 3 Out (pitch, gate, env)
  • Looking at the machine, I see 2 ins (1 CV, 1 Gate)+ 3 out (1 CV, 1 gate, 1 Env).

What’s the actual capability ? May it work with a demultiplier?

Thanks a lot for your response because this info may prove decisive for me purchasing this equipment.

Hey @Arcane,

The specs on our website are correct.
While there are two physical connectors for CV/Gate IN, they are stereo 3.5mm jacks. So, really, you have two channels of CV/GATE IN. Additionally, since “GATE” really is two additional CV inputs, you have 4 CV ins in total.

To exploit the second channel, you could use a 3.5mm insert cable, such as this: