Naming CCs, step jump and sequence re-trig?


I was literally about to order a Pyramid when I realised I need these features:

-Ability to name CC assignments… I often sequence several CCs on the same synth and I need to be able to see what those CCs actually do… e.g. not “CC#72” but “FilterCutoff”.

- Ability to perform quantized jumps and retrigs within a sequence, so that pads will flash sequentially as the sequence runs (each pad representing a step) and hitting a pad will make the sequencer jump to that step on the next beat. Holding a step will continuously re-trigger that step according to a quantization value (1/8, 1/16 etc). I am talking about doing this in preferably in SEQ mode and not for individual tracks but anything would be better than nothing… This option adds some serious improvisation/ live performance potential and is essential to any sequencer, IMO!

Is there any chance these features will be implemented, or is it even possible?

Not sure if the forum is the best place to ask this, or if I should email Squarp directly?



Sorry if these have been asked before!

Hey Panason, welcome to the forums.

Your first point (naming CC assignments) might be coming in the next PyraOS v3.0 which is due any day now.
Has been asked for numerous times, so maybe just wait a few days and see…

Your other wish I can relate to. I love this feature on the LXR with the custom v0.37 BC-firmware. So far I haven’t heard very many (any?) requests for this feature. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt this will be coming soon.
But again, let’s wait for v3.0. Until then, maybe better hold off with your purchase if those features are absolutely necessary for your setup.

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Thanks, yes the step jump is also featured on the Korg Volcas, I believe.

As for re-trig: Even a simple re-trigger from the start of a sequence would be great… maybe just by holding down the Play button? The Zaquencer has this feature (via Track + Repeat buttons) and you can also adjust the re-trigger quantization while re-triggering by turning a knob which is a lot of fun.

Yes I think that the Squarp Team is already aware about that….
indeed, this feature has been discussed A LOT
often called « instrument definitions » because the CC maps could be recalled by instrument
so when you load a predefined map of CCs for a particular synth you instantly have the right config
(users can also share their own maps :wink: )

I think is quite doable… :slight_smile:

for the 2nd request, like @maximee said, I didn’t see any request about this
but personnally, I would love to see that on the Pyramid!
(just FYI, when you say « sequences » I think you rather mean « patterns » in Pyramid terminology…
if you really want a « step jump » feature…
because « patterns » are groups of steps while « sequences » are groups of tracks (each playing a pattern or not) )

other functions like that have been requested
mostly playback movements like random, pendulum, reverse, ping-pong…
step jump could be another cool functionality
but actually, on the Pyramid there is absolutly no operation that affect the playback position currently…
so… I don’t know if it is doable…


Seeing as tracks are running all the time and can only be muted and not stopped, probably not. Buy yeah I meant sequences in Squarp terminology. If I have a bass and drums sequence I’d want the jump to happen for both.

OK…in that case it is a bit different, indeed
and maybe even less doable :frowning: since the Pyramid has no global “timeline” for a whole song
like you said, sequences are basically track mute/unmute states…

It’s only the lack of any kind of instrument definitions that is a deal breaker for me…

Much as I want to escape the computer, the limitations of hardware sequencers (and their high price compared to boxes that actually make sounds) are the bane of my life. (Ok exaggerating a bit :joy:). Too many times in the past I have bought a box for MIDI sequencing only to quickly find a seemingly arbitrary limitation that usually boils down to the very basic hardware and very little RAM being used. :no_mouth:

Oh well, I’ll have to stick with the computer and Push for now and be happy with what I have. The hardware obsession can get out of hand .

The Pyramid is 90% complete though and I’ll be looking carefully at the next OS. Hopefully Squarp will continue to build on it and maybe come up with a MK3 (or an upgrade kit) once they hit the hardware limit.

Sorry if this is common knowledge but I just want to triple check this, is it possible to lock CC data under a note step so if I shift or copy the note around it will retain the CC data underneath?

The CC is on a separate layer…

yes, I think it’s wise to wait for PyraOS v3.0 :slight_smile:

Damn, im definitely going to stick with my pyramid but just out of curiosity, is there any sequencer that can do these midi plocks?

Most hardware sequencers are very limited when it comes to CCs. I guess the Cirklon is the only machine that can do more than the Pyramid.

Look for sequencers from the 80’s. Kawai Q-80 is a 32 channel sequencer I owned for years (until I bricked it somehow). 2x MIDI OUT and can send any CC. Screen is little.
I have a Yamaha QY700 which is like a linear version of a Pyramid minus the MIDI effects (32 channels, 2x MIDI IN/OUT, MTC/MMC/MIDI CLOCK) Huge screen with a mixer page and a great event editor. A separate pattern mode to run chained “motifs” (patterns) or run patterns alongside linear sequences. Simple MIDI routing too.
Even the sequencer on the MV8000 is worth picking up one if you find it cheap, which they tend to be as they are gnarly things to use as a sampler. Got mine for $200 about 6 yrs ago. They don’t have MIDI effects as such but do have CC generators which can create CC sweeps and virtual CC LFOs (they are “printed” to the MIDI sequence and don’t run in realtime).

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Thanks, I was using a Kawai Q80 (with the floppy disk drive) back in the 90s! I make dance stuff at the moment so I need good step sequencing.

I’m going to stick with the Push for now. I got Bitwig yesterday and it looks like a streamlined version of Live with better MIDI control. From what I read it has a pretty good integration with Push as well.

The Pyramid will stay on my radar though…

The Push integration with Bitwig, is no where near what it is with Live - when using Push, I stick with Live.
(Ive both Live and Bitwig, so nothing against Bitwig - I quite like it for some things)

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Yes, actually. The Elektron Machinedrum can ! You can automate ANY MIDI CC on any step in a MIDI track, as well as program changes!

Hello guyz,
How do u record synth knobs moves?
I am trying with Blofeld but nothing get recorded.
Thank u

@Fabulous - Recording synth knob moves it pretty straightforward:

  1. Assign a knob (or touch pad) to the midi CC you want to control (Blowfeld Midi Channel X, CC Filter 1 Frequency 75)
  2. Make sure midi it connected between the Pyramid and Blowfeld
  3. Make sure reception of CC is enabled by Blowfeld (play vs global)

While recording, I move the knob(s) I’ve set up and the data is recorded, and is also editable in step mode.

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gonna try as you said …
I have lots of problems with CCs and understanding their ways. On Pyramid I still not sure about the differences of encoders ccs, Step ccs, and synth knobs moves …
I think I really need more documentations and tutorials. I s the most un-spoken part of all the Machine.
Its also the most boring part but in a certain point it is necessary to have a school for it.

Cheerso! gonna try and write back , thanks