N00b: First Sequence ignores mute state

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

According to the manual, set your mute states in the track mode, in this case, I have pads 4 and 9 muted with 10 unmuted.

I go to sequence mode, set it up to play, add a sequence and give it 4 bars, and… it turns pad 9’s mute state back on immediately. I’m not at all sure what i’ve done wrong here.

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Please make sure that the recording pad is lit red in TRACK mode. You can disable saving of mute states with the record button in this mode.


That was it… ouch

So for anyone else who stumbles into this, somehow I missed that mute states were saved by going back and forth between recording while in track mode. SO obvious now that I stubbed my toe on it.

yeah, the record button is only really record in LIVE mode…

it means other things in other modes (also true of some other buttons, see quick sheet in manual for summary )

What you should know is: as long as record is engaged in track mode, all updates to track mute states and pattern selection will be saved to the active sequence. There is no need to save mute states manually by turning record on/off.

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Good grief, I thought I was going crazy!!
Y’all just resolved a massive headache for me!

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